Telephone triage learning with stethoscope

Welcome to the Telephone Triage Learning Center

The TriageLogic Learning Center provides free educational materials for telephone nurses and medical professionals. It features a variety of learning material including videos, articles, research, and links to external sources. The courses provide a thorough understanding of nurse triage, triage protocols, and patient care. 


  • Criteria and skills needed to be an effective telephone triage nurse.
  • Strategies to listen effectively, handle difficult situations, assess symptoms, and apply the proper protocol—all in a timely manner.
  • Pre-tests and post-tests are included in the videos, allowing the viewer to test their knowledge.

Introduction to Telephone Nurse Triage


Course 1: Creating a Positive Call Experience for You and Your Patients


Course 2: Clinical Protocol Training


Course 3: Case Studies and Scenarios in Nurse Triage


Course 4: Managing Your Liability on Nurse Triage

This is a helpful tool for nurses that have started working with our company. Please enjoy this great learning resource.
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